I have always felt a pull towards motherhood. Even as a child; I felt responsible for those around me and wanted to love them and care for them. I didn't quite know what my calling or passion would be growing up as I went from wanting to be a Ballet teacher, to a pediatrician, to an early childhood educator. But there was one thing that was always clear to me; I wanted to work for children. When I became a mother I realized how fleeting time is. No matter how frustrating and difficult motherhood was, there never seemed to be enough of it. I mourned the stages I felt I didn't stop to enjoy enough. I wanted to smell the sweet baby's breath, or feel the tiny toes curl around my finger just one more time.

Freezing Time

As I mourned the passing of these priceless stages, I found that photographs allowed me to freeze time. Freezing time and allowing me to relive those sweet moments with more appreciation and love. As much as I wanted to be in the moment and feel only love and bliss. My reality was that I often was too caught up trying to survive and move forward with the days, to truly enjoy everything. Looking back at my photos on my wall allowed me to remember that there was so much beauty in the chaotic days and stages.

Children giggling squished in snuggles with their mom

This is it.

This is when I found my absolute greatest passion. I want to capture the stages of parenthood for everyone. I want everyone to feel the love and connection while I create art for them to hold on to and freeze time forever. I am obsessed with capturing these moments and truly feel passionate about capturing each and every one of my clients how I would love to capture my own. I give each session my all and I fall in love with every family. I value the uniqueness of each member of the family and their connection because that's my calling.

Boy in deep thought embraced in his mother's arms